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A Unique Perspective

We offer unparalleled and unrivaled expertise and experience combined with the largest, most diverse inventory of historical letters and documents anywhere in the world. We present here no-nonsense, verifiable information about who we are and what we offer for sale.

My unique perspective is based on being involved with today’s collectors, knowing the real rarity and importance of letters and documents of historical personalities, understanding the kinds of collections that can be formed, and knowing the true value of material unaffected by what is trendy in today’s market. A unique perspective comes from issuing over 300 catalogues during nearly fifty years—from Michelangelo to Mozart to the Beatles.

A unique perspective also comes from never losing the sense of excitement and wonderment of the pieces we offer. It has been a thrill every day to hold history in my hands, and equally thrilling to share that passion with others.

Historical Letters, Manuscripts and Documents - Renaissance Times to the Present

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