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Autograph Letter Signed, two and one-half pages, octavo, July 17, 1889. On United States Civil Service Commission stationery, to a colleague, Mr. Rotts.
Typewritten Letter Signed, T. Roosevelt, one page, quarto, October 5, 1898. On imprinted stationery of the Republican State Committee, Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York. To C.H. Cobaugh, Esq. in Middletown, Pennsylvania. With the signature of ...
Typewritten Manuscript, unsigned, sixty pages, small quarto, June 30, 1914. Entitled Speech of Hon. Theodore Roosevelt, Pennsylvania Progressive Conference, with extensive corrections on one page in Roosevelt's hand.
Typewritten Letter Signed, one page, quarto, New York, May 9, 1918. On imprinted stationery of The Kansas City Star, to William M. Stuart in Canisteo, New York.
Typewritten Letter Signed, two pages, quarto, on White House stationery, dated from Oyster Bay, New York, July 2, 1908
Typewritten Letter Signed, one page, quarto, New York, September 1, 1914. To H. W. Temple in Washington, Pennsylvania, with corrections in Roosevelt's hand (shown in italic).
Attractive sepia tone photograph of the twenty-sixth president of the United States, Signed on the mount (which is an integral part of the photograph) below, "Theodore Roosevelt / Sagamore Hill / 1918." The photograph measures ...

Owning a Theodore Roosevelt autograph, signature, signed letter is more possible than fans and admirers of the environmentalist, military leader, President and writer usually imagine. Theodore Roosevelt served in many positions where he was frequently required to sign letters and documents and his fame from when he as Governor of New York to a retired President caused everyone to save his letters or anything else signed by him. The most difficult period of Teddy Roosevelt's life to find autographs, signatures and signed letters from is as head of the Rough Riders during the Spanish American War. The other difficult period to find signed letters is from his life in the West working on a ranch before moving back East and becoming Governor of New York. His letters written from the West are always handwritten and rarely, if ever, typed.

Teddy Roosevelt's autograph and signature alone are relatively available as many people asked Roosevelt for his autograph and signature and he was happy to oblige. As President, he signed cards with the imprint of the White House and these are significantly more expensive than Roosevelt's autograph and signature on other cards.

Theodore Roosevelt's Signed Letters

Teddy Roosevelt's signed letters vary in value depending upon when written and their content. Generally, Roosevelt's signed letters on White House stationery are the most popular. They are always typewritten, never in his hand. More common are letters signed after the Presidency when Roosevelt was writing for Outlook magazine. The content of Teddy Roosevelt signed letters ranges from the routine to quite important - he expressed himself very forcefully.

Teddy Roosevelt Signed Photos

Teddy Roosevelt signed photos are very popular among collectors and even though he signed many photographs the demand for them among his admirers is reflected in their value. Roosevelt's signed photograph as a Rough Rider is the most difficult to find.

The interest in Teddy Roosevelt has always been very strong and the recent number of new biographies has added to his popularity.

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