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Sitting Bull's Autograph Signature

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Sitting Bull's autograph signature is one of the most sought after in the field of Americana and the American West. Sitting Bull learned to write his name when he joined Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show so that he could provide his autograph signature to those who came to see the great Sioux medicine man and chief. Sitting Bull could not write other than his signature, which he learned to do only for the Wild West Show, and signed letters of his do not exist. Sitting Bull's autograph signature written on cards is very rare.

Sitting Bull was a warrior who led his band of guerilla fighters against emigrant parties and military forts in the Upper Missouri region in the late 1860s. In 1868, the various Indian leaders agreed to a truce with the U. S. Government and a treaty was signed at Fort Laramie. Sitting Bull did not agree, and he continued his hit and run attacks into the 1870s. His attacks on the surveying parties for the Northern Pacific Railroad delayed construction until sufficient Federal troops accompanied the surveyors to complete their work. The Plains Indians War consisted of many different tribes, most notably the Cheyenne, but by 1876 it had become the Sioux War. The Black Hills had been sacred Sioux territory that the government guaranteed would not be intruded upon, but Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, a flamboyant Civil War officer, led an exploring party looking for gold in the Black Hills, and his announcement of finding it led to the Black Hills gold rush. The government precipitated the war by declaring that the Sioux had to move onto a reservation, and Sitting Bull was the natural leader to fight back.

Sitting Bull's vision of the Battle of the Little Big Horn enabled him to be prepared, and his total defeat of Custer and all his men is one of the most well-known events in the history of the American West.

Sitting Bull's autograph signature is very rarely found, but when one is, it gives a sense of the most famous Indian medicine man and chief.

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