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Napoleon Bonaparte Autograph for Sale

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Napoleon Bonaparte's autograph is one of the most internationally sought after. His signed letters and signed documents are in demand throughout the world. In many ways Napoleon Bonaparte is the most collectible of many figures of world history.

Napoleon Bonaparte's Evolving Signature

The earliest form of Napoleon's signature was: Buonaparte - showing his Corsican heritage but he soon changed to the French version: Bonaparte. Letters written after he received command of the Army of Italy are always on military matters as the very young general who had distinguished himself at the siege of Toulon began a series of military maneuvers unprecedented in their boldness. Bonaparte didn't follow conventional military tactics. Avoiding head-on battles he outflanked his enemies and then attacked their weak flank or, most successfully, attacked their rear positions. He quickly gained numerous victories and conquered Italy. His next conquest was Egypt where he reorganized just about every aspect of Egyptian administration and life, signing his orders Bonaparte with great flourish. In 1804, after crowning himself emperor, Napoleon dropped the Bonaparte part of his name and began to sign letters with variations of Napoleon - Np, Nap, Napol, and rarely Napoleon. Napoleon Bonaparte signed letters bear these variations depending upon the number of letters he was signing at that time. He would walk around his tent dictating letters to multiple secretaries simultaneously, picking up his thoughts in each letter as the secretary caught up with his dictation. His grasp of every detail is seen in his meticulous military planning in his letters and his concern for the welfare of his troops.

Napoleon Bonaparte Signed Letters

Napoleon Bonaparte signed letters have been collected by institutions for decades and no large groups remain in private ownership. Nevertheless, he is one of the most collectible of the personalities who affected world history.

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