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Gift Ideas

Historical documents are unique and very meaningful gifts, bringing a very personal connection with a person or subject the recipient is interested in.

We have provided gifts for every conceivable occasion and situation - White House state gifts [beginning with Lyndon Johnson] for the President to give to other Heads of State, an Al Capone document for the star of a gangster movie, a George Patton for the owner of a team when they won the World Series, an original Mickey Mouse drawing for someone "who never grew up", Bobby Jones signed pieces for many wives to give their husbands "who are interested only in golf" - the list is as endless as people's interests.

The only really unusual requests are when we can't come up with something exciting and appropriate. That rarely happens. Tell us the occasion and what you know about the person's interest and we will give you suggestions. Everything is priced so you can decide what you want to spend when you see what you can get.

You can also browse through our stock by category. Categories that are very frequently consulted for gifts include law, medicine, women, business, sports, World War II, literature, etc.

We can share our experience with you for special-event related gifts. For example, we are frequently asked what to give a man turning sixty, a not-necessarily welcome event [but better than the alternative!] and Winston Churchill is the overwhelming favorite. Churchill became Prime Minister at sixty years old, and more than any individual, won World War II. For a business man marking an important promotion, Napoleon is popular. Pieces signed by music composers and performers have a unique appeal across all occasions. Virtually everyone listens to music, and has favorites. It used to be that someone looking for a gift for someone who likes "old music" would be thinking of Beethoven or Puccini, but now it's Frank Sinatra, Elvis, or the Grateful Dead. Another very popular request is for a college graduation - what someone majored in, what field they are going to pursue after graduation, and what do they read, what do they enjoy, lead to a number of possible gifts.

For me, the most exciting part of working with people to come up with gifts is what I hear from the recipients afterwards - great excitement, they never dreamed of having a piece like this. It is a great thrill to share the sense that these people in history were real - you can read about them in books, see them in pictures, but you can only feel them as real through something they actually signed.

Please visit our inventory page to find that personal, meaningful gift. Or, feel free to contact us so we can better assist you.

Historical Letters, Manuscripts and Documents - Renaissance Times to the Present

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