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George Washington autographs, signatures, signed letters and signed documents are more available to collectors and admirers than people imagine. There are two reasons: George Washington's position as Commander in the Revolutionary War caused him to sign letters dealing with all aspects of his army from relatively routine supply issues to the problems of the Army recruitment system relying on state militias. The text of Washington's signed letters during the Revolutionary War were almost always written by an aide and then signed by the General. Letters written in his hand and signed are unusual during the American Revolution. At the end of the Revolution, Washington signed many documents discharging soldiers. These signed documents are almost always in very worn condition because soldiers carried them in their pockets and unfolded and refolded many times before framing them, usually with a wood backing that caused staining of the document. Regardless of condition, a Revolutionary War discharge document signed by George Washington is a very personal window into history. Those who served as officers were made members of the Society of the Cincinnati and were presented with a very ornate engraved document signed by George Washington. The documents were on vellum and the recipient always framed them for display. Unfiltered sunlight took a serious toll, fading the ink of the recipient's name and George Washington's signature. Examples of this type of George Washington signed document in very fine condition are rare.

George Washington's Autograph and Signature Written as President

George Washington's autograph and signature written as President are found in various forms. As the first President George Washington signed documents of many types, most commonly appointments to various positions. George Washington signed letters as President are more frequently written in his full handwriting.

George Washington's autograph and signature were removed from letters or documents by 19th Century collectors. In Washington's era people rarely asked for autographs; the situation was very different 70 years later when Abraham Lincoln was elected.

The second reason that George Washington's autographs, signatures, and signed letters are available today is because he was so well known during his lifetime, and his signature so legible that people always saved these relics of the "father of his country".

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