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George S. Patton's Autograph, Signature, Letters Signed for Sale

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The legendary General George S. Patton's autographs, signatures and signed letters have always been in great demand even before the movie Patton starring George C. Scott [who won the Academy Award for his portrayal of Patton]. Patton was a legend during World War II: "Old Blood and Guts", famed for his attitude of always attacking, his belief that the enemy couldn't aim accurately if you kept him on the run. He was too famous for politically incorrect statements to go unnoticed and his slapping a soldier made headlines. He was regarded by the Germans as America's best combat general and where Patton attacked would be the main thrust of the invasion of Europe. Eisenhower was well aware of this and used Patton as a decoy during the Normandy invasion. As long as Patton was still in England the Germans believed Normandy couldn't be the real invasion and the German Army was held in reserve to meet Patton when he landed. Once in France Eisenhower unleashed Patton and his Third Army and he blazed across France and the headlines of newspapers throughout the world.

George Patton's autograph and signature appear in the form of sheets of paper he was asked to sign by GI's and also just about anything they might have with them if found themselves in a position to ask for his autograph. Many times this was a book.

George Patton's Signed Letters

George Patton's signed letters are always typewritten on military stationery and have content ranging from the routine to patriotic messages about the war. Patton's signed letters with such content are rarely seen and bring appropriate prices.

George Patton's Handwritten Signed Letters

George Patton's handwritten signed letters were once very rare, but a trove of completely handwritten letters to his parents was put on the market by his grandson. These were all written in early years and give great insight into the man who became the legendary World War II general.

George Patton's World War II Signed Letters

George Patton's World War II signed letters are the most sought after by admirers and are much scarcer than the early handwritten letters to his parents. Patton signed photographs are rare, but occasionally available for purchase.

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