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Franklin D. Roosevelt's Autograph, the FDR Signature

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Franklin D. Roosevelt's autograph (the FDR signature) can be bought for relatively modest amounts considering his great historical importance in redesigning the American government to survive and emerge from the Great Depression and, most significantly, his critical leadership during World War II. FDR's recognition of the reality of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany at a time when the American public, and its elected leaders, wanted to keep America out of the growing German menace in Europe, led to his support for England and the new Prime Minister, Winston S. Churchill, while maintaining American neutrality. Franklin D. Roosevelt correctly recognized the impossibility of openly supporting England when the American First Party, led by Charles A. Lindbergh, reflected the opinions of the majority of Americans who didn't want a repeat of World War I when it was seen that America came to the rescue of Europe and defeated Germany.

FDR's Signed Letters

FDR's signed letters, particularly as President, were saved by recipients and treasured by their descendants. Franklin Roosevelt's signed letters frequently had content concerning decisions and issues of his new Administration, and appointments to the many new positions created by his great expansion of the activities and role of the Federal Government. Franklin D. Roosevelt's signed letters during World War II are scarcer than those from the 1930's, possibly reflecting his increased workload and lessened concern for political issues.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed Photographs and Signatures

Franklin D. Roosevelt signed photographs and signatures usually were given to admirers and saved by everyone. Early letters as Assistant Secretary of the Navy and letters signed as Governor of New York with routine content were frequently signed for Roosevelt by secretaries. Examples of these, and genuine signatures of the period, are illustrated in my book, Forging History, The Detection of Fake Letters and Documents, the standard reference book. It is available from Amazon.

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