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Historical Documents
(1989 - 2014)
Historical Autographs

Historical Documents

Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of original historical documents, historical autographs, letters, manuscripts, signed photographs, autographs and signed books in all fields available for purchase from this website and our Boston Office.

The Largest and Most Diverse Collection of Historical Autographs and Documents for Sale

Our collections of historical documents for sale are considered to be the largest and most diverse in the world. They contain historical autographs - signatures of people of great magnitude in history. Our historical documents and signed book collections are comprised of a wide range of subjects that include: Americana, Military, Music, Literature, Presidents, Royalty, World Leaders, Inventors, Explorers, Civil War, Business, Aviation, Russia, South America, Science, Western Americana, Founding Fathers, Religion, Art, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and hundreds of other significant individuals who have shaped history.

This historical documents company website will take you into the world of collecting history that comes to life!

2014 marks 55 years since I issued my first catalog of presidential autographs and I have written this website to provide as much information as possible about who we are, what we do, and what we offer in a no-nonsense, verifiable way. Collecting historical letters, documents, autographs and historical manuscripts is the most intimate window into the personalities, time periods, and subjects that you are interested in. A personal view and sense of intimacy that historical letters and documents bring to the past is the best investment you can make in the future — an investment in understanding history and therefore the future.

Historical Letters, Manuscripts and Documents - Renaissance Times to the Present

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